All I want for Xmas is….


An R9 Gibson 59 Les Paul reissue, bigger frets than on a 58, but still with a big neck profile….Mmmmnnn mighty good. This ones for sale at Merchant City Music for £3700.00 however I’d be tempted to get a plane ticket to new york, where said guitar will likely cost $3700.00 and spend the change appeasing your wife/partner/bank manager. Although expect to pay around 23% of the guitars price in Duty/VAT at the other end… messing with Customs & Excise now….those gloves are cold;)

Marshall JVM


Edit: Marshall JVM 410 Head Review now available!

Marshall have finally announced the TSL100′s successor. The Marshall JVM (named after Jim & Victoria Marshall, his daughter & current MD) comes as either a 100watt head or 100watt 2 x 12 combo. The features look mighty impressive for the money.

Basically  its all valve (4 x EL34s, 5x ECC83 preamp tubes)

4 channels, Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2

3 modes on each channel, these are all switchable, so thats 12 sounds in all or 128 if you’ve got a midi switcher.

Digital Reverb

1 Parallel FX loop (maybe my emails bitching to them all these years about the 2 effects loops on the TSL100 worked after all)

Dual Master volume, so you can up the volume at the touch of a button, handy for solo’s or even if the soundman is of the usual cretinous standard.

12 function assignable footswitch. Thats right so you can assign one button for reverb, one for FX loop punch in etc. or just have your basic sounds, then louder versions on the second button functon.

Whats cool is that the footswitch uses a 1/4″ mono jack, so you can use any length lead & have none of this fucking around with 7 pin dins etc. The TSL100 was a great amp, but was let down by the footswitch cable and that rather iffy FX loop, that added a weird film to the tone. Weirdly enough the TSL60 has a brilliant loop, but lacks the clean headroom.

While I don’t expect Marshall to be denting Dual Rectifier sales anytime soon. Anyone looking at a Peavey JSX, Hughes & Kettner or Engl head may reconsider.

The UK rrp of £899.99 is pretty damn good. An ENGL of similar spec is nearer £1400 and from what I’ve heard on the grapevine, reliability is an issue……. A  H & K Switchblade is a grand, A Tri-amp is nearer two.

As a long time TSL100 user, I’ll be interested to see how these do.

But what I suspect will happen is that Marshall we discontinue the ModeFour series. This mid decade attempt to cash in on Nu Metal has not worked well. The only time I’ve heard a ModeFour up Close it sounded rather characterless, although that could of been the guitarist playing it. But someone who wants a Boogie will buy a Boogie, an American on a budget looking for a Hybrid head will buy a Randall

Most dealers are pre ordering now. Expect to be able to touch one in March.

After looking on the internet Many people have commented that the amp doesn’t sound all that hot on the video footage currently on YouTube. I’d wager that was down to getting a rather boring staid Classic Rock guitarist to demo a modern amp. To put it bluntly I could have done a better job myself;) I’ll wait to try one out and post on here as soon as.

Buy the Marshall JVM410 at – click here

Edit: Marshall JVM 410 Head Review now up!


Conservative Guitarists discuss using Whacky Pedals Horror?????????



I was trawling through some web forums the other day, when I came across a conversation between 2 guitarists about Zachary Vex Pedals.  This was of no suprise as in these sonically diverse times, ZVex have managed to corner a market in Zany out there boutique FX pedals. A friend of mine bought a Seek Wah a few years ago and it came in a handpainted box with half a dozen sweets and a girls hairband. The noise it made was… shall we say….out there. But I was impressed.

My personal favourite however is the Nano Head, roughly the size of a Hamster it manages to be an all valve guitar head with monster Marshallesqe tones and powerful enough to drive a 4 x 12 cab. The all valve signal path uses old stock millitary valves from the guidance system of a Pershing missile. A Sonic Weapon indeed.

Yeah Zacary Vex is a sonic mentalist allright, and reading the comments on the webforum of these two players discussing how it might sound, I reckoned these guitarists must be doing some pretty out there things and noticing a link to one of the players bands, out of curiosity I decided to check out their Myspace page.

How wrong I was:(

Without mentioning any names to protect the innocent, why anyone plying their trade in what appears to be a sub grunge Christian Rock band, would need a ZVex pedal for is beyond me. Its like Cliff Richard going to a sex shop to buy a big rubber dildo.

I concluded that this fella was buying a ZVex pedal simply so he could say he had one…..a strange sort of Penis substitute perhaps?

I remember a few years ago playing a support gig at the Toby Jug in Doncaster to a Blues Rock band. The Bass Player had a pedalboard the size of the Ark Royal with various Fuzz’s Overdrives, Delays and a Whammy pedal. As I watced their set expecting to hear all manner of spaced out Funk noise. I noticed the Bass player just playing Root 8th notes with a dry signal to a decidedly unimaginative set. Later on I found out this guy worked in a music shop and most of the pedalboard was “stock” and “open to negotiation”.