Conservative Guitarists discuss using Whacky Pedals Horror?????????



I was trawling through some web forums the other day, when I came across a conversation between 2 guitarists about Zachary Vex Pedals.  This was of no suprise as in these sonically diverse times, ZVex have managed to corner a market in Zany out there boutique FX pedals. A friend of mine bought a Seek Wah a few years ago and it came in a handpainted box with half a dozen sweets and a girls hairband. The noise it made was… shall we say….out there. But I was impressed.

My personal favourite however is the Nano Head, roughly the size of a Hamster it manages to be an all valve guitar head with monster Marshallesqe tones and powerful enough to drive a 4 x 12 cab. The all valve signal path uses old stock millitary valves from the guidance system of a Pershing missile. A Sonic Weapon indeed.

Yeah Zacary Vex is a sonic mentalist allright, and reading the comments on the webforum of these two players discussing how it might sound, I reckoned these guitarists must be doing some pretty out there things and noticing a link to one of the players bands, out of curiosity I decided to check out their Myspace page.

How wrong I was:(

Without mentioning any names to protect the innocent, why anyone plying their trade in what appears to be a sub grunge Christian Rock band, would need a ZVex pedal for is beyond me. Its like Cliff Richard going to a sex shop to buy a big rubber dildo.

I concluded that this fella was buying a ZVex pedal simply so he could say he had one…..a strange sort of Penis substitute perhaps?

I remember a few years ago playing a support gig at the Toby Jug in Doncaster to a Blues Rock band. The Bass Player had a pedalboard the size of the Ark Royal with various Fuzz’s Overdrives, Delays and a Whammy pedal. As I watced their set expecting to hear all manner of spaced out Funk noise. I noticed the Bass player just playing Root 8th notes with a dry signal to a decidedly unimaginative set. Later on I found out this guy worked in a music shop and most of the pedalboard was “stock” and “open to negotiation”.


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