Long Term Memory….. Part 2

 Going down………………..

Anyone who’s been with this blog since its inception in September 2006 will have remembered an article on Vintage and Rare and about my abject shock of the stupid prices being asked for late 1970′s Fender Strats.

Well it seems that some people are finally seeing sense, after having a quick look on Vintage and Rare’s website today (I’m on standby at work and I’m bored). I notice their 79′ Antigua Strat has now dropped down from £1395.00 to £1295.00…. thats -£100 in the last 6 months. Not exactly a great advert for 70′s Fenders as investments eh? Guitarist Magazine did a Vintage suppliment a couple of months ago where various Denmark Street characters collectively said prices were gonna keep on going up and up and…..Funny that. I wonder if house prices will follow suit?

But lets face it, they might be able to bullshit a few Floppy haired careerist indie kids who went to music school on a ‘Vocational rock guitarist NVQ level 4′ or whatever rubbish it is called these days. These poor souls are in the shop because African Film studies with Politics was full at Bournemouth, and know no better. But any guitarist either over 30 or worth his salt will spot these guitars as the potential pieces of firewood they are, or if wanting 70′s retro looks will just buy a Japanese reissue, or even one of the new Highway 1′ series Strats

My other shock looking at their site is how little the stock has changed in the last 6 months since my last posting. I’m aware a large amount of their business will be with known private collectors & Rockstars/roadies and probably done by word of mouth or telephone call. But surely having large amounts of the same guitars sitting in your shop for 6 whole months at a time, hardly sends out a sign that business is good. It also sends out the sign that there are less new people coming to the market as potential collectors, if thats not a sign of impending recession, then I don’t know what is!

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