At last an alternative to Ebay

I don’t know about you, but Im thoroughly sick of Ebay.

What was once a prime example of people power on the internet is now just a greedy corporation. In order to sell your musical (or non musical) kit, your subject to using Paypal, having those commision charges, as well as sales commision knocked off, then the priviledge of Paypal holding onto your remaining cash for 21 days as it accrues interest in their business account. Add to that the threat that if the buyer complains, Ebay award in their favour, so your out of pocket with a potentially soiled item to resell…. and its all a bit shite.

This has become reflected in the sites users nonsensical pricing of items in recent months, as sellers try to claw back some profit, often a used item on Ebay will be more than the equivalent used or sometimes new item in a dealership. A ridiculous situation all round.

In the UK there is thankfully now an alternative

I chanced upon a site called Guitarmart before and although the idea seemed promising, the site was badly laid out and confusing.

Now Guitarmart have recently relaunched the site, its free for private advertisers and is essentially funded by the bigger retailers such as Chandlers selling stock on there. Although its early days yet, the range of kit on the site looks promising, as do some of the prices if you look hard enough, and although the usual buyer beware rules apply (always deal in cash, face to face transactions, nothing by post and do your research before buying), anything that removes the stranglehold on used musical kit Ebay currently have has got to be a good thing.

In recent times Ive been using London Gumtree and have been managing to find choice bargains on there, but for selling, they want your postcode with the advert and if you give a non London postcode it won’t accept your advert. Gumtree is owned by Ebay and it appears that they have cottoned on to those of us in the provinces wishing to tap into a wider audience.

With VAT in the UK about to go up to 17.5% again and the threat of more job losses in the New Year, I suspect Guitarmart and sadly Ebay will do very well in the months ahead.

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